Last updated: April 27, 2018

This user agreement regulates rules for the use of site AbsolutMining Ltd. (www.absolutmining.com). Each user of the site accepts and is bound to comply with these terms fully.

When you register with us, you are representing that you are at least 18 years old and are legally able to enter into a contract. If you're accepting for an organization, you are representing that you are authorized to bind that organization, and where the context requires, 'you' means the organization. By accepting, you are agreeing to every provision of this Agreement whether or not you have to read it.

All material presented on the site is the intellectual property of the owners of this site and copy protected. Any copy of information is only possible with permission of the site owners.

The personal information of the users registered in the site AbsolutMining Ltd. are protected. You should not take any systematic or automated action to collect data (including mining, extracting or collecting data) in connection with this site without the written consent of AbsolutMining Ltd.

To access the limited areas of this site or other content, AbsolutMining Ltd. provides you with a user ID and password. You need to ensure that your password remains private. AbsolutMining Ltd. may disable your user ID and password at Company's discretion and without prior notice or explanation in case of breach of any paragraph of this agreement.

The user should understand that any investment activity carries risks and investing in AbsolutMining Ltd. is not an exception. Investment rental activity is a voluntary act, which risks are understood in full, realized by the investor and shall be taken into attention of.

At the moment achieved results and performance of the AbsolutMining Ltd. are not affected in any way and do not guarantee future performance profitability. The company guarantees the payment of interest for the entire period of the contract or operation of the platform.

The AbsolutMining Ltd. determines the rules of behaviour on the site and reserves the right to request compliance with them from visitors.

List of rules for users:

• One person can register a single account and perform all necessary operations with it. If you break this rule, the administration of the AbsolutMining platform can remove such accounts and cancel the funds.

• It is prohibited to use this site for any purpose that causes or may cause damage to the site or interruption of the accessibility of the site, as well as for other purposes that are illegal or imply any type of fraud.

• It is forbidden to infringe the copyright of the owners of the website used.

• It is prohibited to insult and threaten visitors and site administration.

• It is prohibited to send spam representing the site.

• It is prohibited to perform systematic or automated actions to collect data (including mining, extraction and data collection).

• If you violate these terms of use in any way, the AbsolutMining Ltd. is entitled to take measures such as the suspension of your access to this site, the prohibition of access to the site, computer lock and other devices by using its IP address to access this In addition, AbsolutMining Ltd. has the right to contact its internet provider requesting to block its access to the site.

• AbsolutMining Ltd. may periodically review the terms of this user agreement. You are requested to check this user agreement regularly to make sure you are familiar with the current version.